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Safe & Effective Treatment For Your Corns

A corn is a growth of compacted dead skin often caused by constant friction or pressure. Although there are many over-the-counter treatments available on the market, the only way to ensure that you corn is dealt with properly is by visiting a professional podiatrist.


If you have a corn on your foot, it's important to not try to remove it yourself - visit Easterly Road Chiropody in Leeds, and you can rest assured that one of our experienced chiropodists will safely treat it for you, and do so for a competitive price.

  • Hard corns

  • Soft corns

  • Seed corns

  • Corn removal

  • Professional advice on corns

Easterly Road Chiropody Can Assist You With:

Whether it's a corn, or other foot ailment, ideally you should always refer to a professional podiatrist to treat your feet, steering away from home remedies and over-the-counter solutions when possible.


To book an appointment with one of the friendly podiatrists at Easterly Road Chiropody, simply contact our podiatric clinic in Leeds.

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